Sexy Hot Weather Perfumes to Wear on Winter Vacation

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If you are going somewhere hot for Christmas or Spring Break than you might want to get out of the heavy florals, spices and ambers that characterize winter weather perfumes and go for some scents that suit the sunshine.


One of the newest and nicest of the summer scents on the market is Alexander McQueen. It is a chypre that has a bit of amber, musk and sandalwood as a base and a very sharp top note of grapefruit and red currant. This is one of those scents that you can get as a light mist and just spray in the air and walk through before you go for a walk on the beach.  The red currant gives it a very classic quality.


Another great hot weather scent is Dawn from the Sarah Jessica Parker line. It has been around for a few years. It is a mix of musk, vanilla, flowers and fruits that make you feel cheery.  As the name Dawn implies it is an uplifting scent. It is one of those perfect vacation scents, especially if you are single because it has quite a seductive quality to it.


LaCoste is one of those perfume brands that has always been associated with warmer climates. Inspiration is a light breezy woody scent with a spicy top note.  It is simple, has a bit of a lazy and calming effect and it is perfect for summer.  This is for the girl who just wants to feel good.   The warming of the spicy elements in the sun is sure to relax your muscles and mind as you bask in the sun.


Energize by Hugo Boss is a gentle yet powerful scent that is a mix of fruits and spices on the top note and dark woods on the base note. The effect is refreshing, light contemporary in flair.


A perfume that was a big hit in Summer that is destined to become a classic for this year’s winter vacations is Extreme for Women by Paul Smith. This perfume is fruity and wooden with a surprising top note of blackberry that gives it a real freshness of spring.


If you love a roll on scent then try Shaghaiijava’s Imperial pineapple scent. This is a personal aroma that smells better and better as you bake in the sun.


Even if you do not go out in the sun these are great fragrances to wear in the dead of the cold dreary winter months and you just want to smell like Spring and the long lazy days of summer are on their way.

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