Filling Tasty Smoothies for Winter Weight Loss

Some people stop drinking smoothies in the winter because smoothies are like milk shakes.  They seem like they should be a food consumed in the summer.  However there do a lot heavier taste smoothies that can also help with weight loss in the winter.  They are so rich in nutrients they can be replacement meals.


In the winter a Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie is hearty and filling but helps you lose weight at the same time.  Combine half of one banana, half a cup of peanut butter, half cup of milk, six ice cubes and one tablespoon on chocolate protein powder in a blender and blend until smooth.


In the winter we also tend to crave sweets.  Try making an Espresso Smoothie! Combine ice cubes, frozen myogurt, a shot of express and cocoa powder and whip it all together in a blender. This will not only satisfy a craving for chocolate but also help you sustain enough energy to keep going through a slow dark winter’s day.


Equally decadent is a chocolate raspberry smoothie. Combine soymilk, vanilla yogurt, chocolate chips, frozen and fresh raspberries and ice. Combine it all together and blend it until smooth.


A thick nourishing drink is a Blueberry-Banana smoothie.  Mix soy protein, a banana, flaxseed oil, frozen blueberries, honey, apple juice psyllium seed husk and a bit of water. Place all of the ingredients in a blender and masticate until smooth.  A similar drink is a strawberry banana smoothie. You can up the Vitamin C and cold and flu-fighting factor by adding a couple of pieces of cut up orange to the mix.


Also quite satisfying, nutritious and filling is a bright green apple smoothie.  This treat tastes almost like a green apple sour candy.  You mix together skim milk or soy milk, vanilla yogurt, a teaspoon of apple pie spice, a medium sized chopped up granny smith apple, two tablespoons of cashew butter (for protein) and six ice cubes. Put it all in the blender and then mix until smooth.


A tropical treat that is a bit of a taste of sunshine the Mango Surprise Smoothie. The surprise is a whole avocado in the shake giving it a smoothness and richness that is comforting in the winter. Cubed mangos, vanilla yogurt, limejuice and a touch of honey, stevia or sugar complete the list of ingredients. Blend until smooth.


Peach smoothies are a sunny treat and full of needed Vitamin C and A.  Mix one-cup skim milk, unsweetened peaches and flaxseed oil. Blend until smooth and enjoy!