Flowers Bring a Touch of Spring to Winter

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Do you have the winter blues?  Try creating a Spring bouquet to bring a bit of hope and optimism into your favorite spaces. Flowers give any room a boost of positive energy.  They help the room feel fresh and purified and also help clear away any musty vibes from winter. This gives our spirits a real lift.



Try to find flowers that are fragrant.  Scientists tell us that pleasant scents have a way of chainging chemicals in our brains so that we feel happier and calmer.



Many of the flowers that are sold in Spring are grown a little earlier in the winter in greenhouses.  Many are available for sale in grocery stores and greenhouses as early as the end of January!



One of the smelliest of all flowers is freesia.. Freesia  blooms smell almost like a specialty designer perfume. The red and orange freesia  flowers tend to have a more powerful scent than the white or yellow varieties.


Other early gorgeous early blooming flowers that have a great scent are lilacs, which come in all shades of purple, pink and white and Lily of the Valley.  Lilacs look beautiful mixed in with other flowers such as peonies. However peonies do not really become widely available until June.


If you want to fill a room with gorgeous scent try making a fragrant display that contains freesia, lilac, peonies, roses and hyacinths all together.  Consider this type of bouquet to be like a natural anti-depressant.



Sick of the way your space looks.  Flowers can make it seem more elegant. Soft pastel  colored flowers such as daffodils (Narcissus), hyacinths, and amaryllis are only in season for a short period of time—from February to April—and can really brighten up any space.  Paperwhite type crocuses and lilies look amazing budding from a bulb that is in a glass flowerpot and filled with petals.  This type of spring flower project is also a good one to do with any kids that are around because they can watch the flowers grow.



Tulips make gorgeous centerpieces. Try floating three or four fresh flowers like daisies or brightly colored tulips in a pretty bowl or simply suspend a single flower inside a round vase.  Clusters of multi-colored tulips are very festive and double and some varieties of tulips are as lush and gorgeous as roses or peonies.  An all red bouquet of double tulips can be as romantic as a dozen roses.



Remember that when you bring your flowers inside you are bringing their brilliancy and freshness with you.

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