How to Be Fashionably Layered This Winter

There is a real art to looking artfully layered in the winter.  It can be a real challenge to keep warm and layered at the same time.  This is where accessories like big wraps, faux collars and gloves with the fingers cut out can come in handy.


One of the simplest ways to layer is to wear a vest. You can wear a lovely motorcycle vest or shaggy faux fur vest (to look like Cher in the seventies.)  Fleece  vests are also very popular and affordable. They are sold in all the stores and online .  Usually they are zippered with a high neck and short sleeves.  Vests of all kinds can also be put over long or short dresses, jeans and pants.


Layering is not always about thin draping pieces. You can also layer a light coat over a fitted denim jacket.  Trench coat and plain styles look best over the more structured jean jacket.


One of the simplest tricks to layering a look is to make sure that everything that you are wearing has an uneven or draping hemline. Make sure the hemlines are all of a different length. Layer the tops with skirts to create a cascading flowing effect.  Tame any billowing or flapping ends with a belt or structured jacket.


This season three quarter length coats with three quarter length sleeves are in style. You can help this look along by layering long gloves over long sleeves for an interesting look cut off the top half of mittens and layer them over that as well.


You can also stay warmer by layering collars over your coat.  Big ribbons can be laced through buttonholes and cuffs for extra interest.  You can also wear not one scarf but two or three scarves at the same time. You can wear them separately or hook them together with gold rings.  Brooches can also help keep these scarves hooked together.


Faux furs look great and can completely change the look of a plain trench coat. Consider wearing bright red, emerald green or violet faux fur collars for a beautiful look.


Don’t forget that it is entirely possible layer jeweler as well.  The look for winter 2013 is ‘opulent”.  This means that layering oaf range of different length necklaces stacked rings and bangles can create an artfully eclectic look.  Mix your metals as well to stay right on top of the trend; silver and gold mixed together are in fashion.

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