More Winter Trends

One of the most important of fashion trends this year for winter is the oversized coat. Everyone will be wearing a coat that is a size larger that fits well over a suit and cigarette pants. You should also be aware of the trend towards wearing a full suit that clashes slightly with suit. For instance crimson suits clashing with a big bright orange trench.


The looser fit goes in with the trend towards longer styles.  Sleeves of oversized coats should be rolled up. Many coats are hitting the mid-calf or lower.  Belts are optional.  Skirts and cardigans are also longer in length than usual as well.


Military styles have been here a while and they seem to be here to stay. Look for tan, olive green and khaki coats and jackets with double breasted details and even tails.  The look really thrives when worn with lots of tight fitting pleather or black leather.


Wearing full military suits or less sexy suits is also in vogue. Pants can be baggy and jackets less fitted.  The manly look is back. Look for shirts that have a patterned body and pure white collar.  These will be a fashion trend as well.


Baroque and gothic prints are also a big trend. Look for printed brocades and velvets in colors like purple and black. Velvet jeans, blazers and dresses are also options that can work well.  Grey metallic fabric will also be seen as a new neutral in jackets, skirts and shoes.  The metallic are a bit more muted, more pewter like than silver and less garish on the eye.


Goth looks are sticking around for another winter. Expect to see laddered and lace legging, big scarves used as belts and t-shirts that are part cloth and part sheer nylon.


Jaunty caps and beanies are also in style.  You can find sexy biker styles or you can go for a brown or tweed riding hat to give yourself a look that has a bit more of an equestrian flair.


Novelty T-shirts are also trending this winter, especially ones that have arm sleeves that are a contrasting color to the body. Look for prints of old cartoons, retro covers and comic book heroes.  Remember that even imagery from the early nineties is now considered to be retro these days.


Finally if you like the clutch purse keep in mind that many of the more fashionable ones are a lot larger than you have seen in a while. Some of them are the size of eight by ten envelopes!

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