Gnu Smart Pickle PBTX

Gnu Smart Pickle PBTX

This fantastic Gnu Smart Pickle PBTX Wide Snowboard has the goods to enhance your riding and turning you into an true advanced to expert level rider. This awesome freestyle board boast a SMART PBTX profile for easy riding and turning. It’s great for both jibbing and floating in powder too so you can really take this board just about anywhere. Built with the Smart Formula Magne-Traction, you’ll be able to super carve into ice like a warm knife through butter. With UHMW Sidewalls you can expect to bring the hammer down onto this board and know that it will survive to live another day. Even the Sintered Base gives you the incredible speed and strength to get the most out of the mountain. From top to bottom, left to right, the Gnu Smart Pickle PBTX Wide Snowboard was made for the ultra advanced freestyler that love the park but for sure likes to venture out and check out the phat whole mountain.

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For skiers who prefer sensible speeds


The K2 AMP Rictor 82 MXC are recommended for solid all-mountain skiers who prefer sensible speeds and stay mainly on the groomed. Bindings are a perfectly matched setup that offers excellent edgehold, predictable handling, and a smooth ride on chattery snow. Next level K2 tech like A.T. RoX Technology and Hybritech Sidewalls, along with Metal Laminate construction deep inside the ski, make this an all around impeccable performer.

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