How to Winterize the Colors of Your Make Up

The makeup we wear in the summer is a little different than the make up that we wear in the summer. It tends to be heavier and a little more extreme in colors unless you are going for a very silvery look that starts with sheer foundation and a lot of highlighter.


Usually the powder and foundation that we use in the summer is a lot darker than the shades we use in the winter.  This is because we get a tan. However if you are a real ski bunny and tan on the slopes or spend a lot of time getting Vitamin D in a tanning bed you can sustain wearing a darker shade in the winter.  You can also wear a heavier, less shiny powder in the winter for a dramatic, Coco Chanel type of effect.


It also helps to go for a brighter blush. Think of corals, darker reds and fuchsias but applied with a very light touch. It is the pop of color on paler skin that is very beautiful. It makes people admiring your beauty of “roses blooming in the snow.”


In the winter you can go for a deeper shade of red.  Go for shades that have a hint of brick or brown in them.  This goes well with most winter clothing.  Matte lipstick looks fantastic in the winter as all of your clothes and make-up is heavier and can support the dense quality of the look. However if you do not like the look of matte look for a deep or brick red in a gloss form.


Heavier make-up is also easier to wear in the winter. You can wear eyeliner with shadow and smudge darker shades together to create a smoker eye.  For a less severe effect try using brown shadows with charcoal liner.  The effect is less dramatic and likely more suitable for work environments then the dark blue or grey smoky eye.


Colored mascaras are also back this season. Try these out in hues such as navy, burgundy and auburn to give your eyes more depth. You can also get multicolored mascaras that are black but have a bit of an oily sheen to them that reflects colors like purple and green.


This is the time of year when it is easier to get away with dark red, chocolate brown, ink blue and black fingernails.  Two of the hottest colors for your fingertips in 2013 are Blackberry and Copper.

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