Get Your Man a Retro Watch for Valentine’s Day

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There are all kinds of men’s watches on the market that fit the definition of retro. Some are real antiques that you can get at flea markets and auction style sites and others are made by jeweler companies that specialize watch reproduction. There are several styles of these and of course their appearance depends on the type of era they come from.



One popular retro style is from the late seventies and early eighties. These are the chunky LED style watches that use to be so reminiscent of what was worn in movies like Star Wars or Blade Runner. Thesebhave large faces with red digital numbers.  Some styles have really large digital numbers. The larger the face the chicer the watch actually is.



True mod style watches from the sixties have a super large face and large decorative numbers. Often the hands on this style of watch are very baroque looking.  The hands may actually contrast in look to the numbers or other styling’s on the watch.  These watches can have interesting bands made out black patent leather or white cow’s leather.  Any band that is rubber or brightly colored can also retro date a watch.



Watches from the forties are also popular These watches aresquare shaped and have brown leather straps. The metallic finish may be pior yellow in color. These watches sometimes also have very interesting details on their hands. moon phases or barometers in th face.  It was also classic in that era to have a watch on your wrist that was also a compass.  The style of having two watch faces, one depicting the time in one city and the other in another was also very fashionable back then.



Of course the oldest of men’s watches in style are the pocket watches. There are all kinds of different retro styles of these on store shelves. If you can’t find the real antique version you can always find retro reproductions. Many of the more reputable jewelry companies make them.  Pocket watches are definitely a sought after item because they can be passed down as heirlooms. You can always engrave one and give it as a keepsake.

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