Tips for Making Pale Skin Look Brighter in Winter

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One of the consequences of living through winter can be skin that is greyish, white or that has a lot of pallor. This can make even quite a young woman look older or tired all of the time.  There are some things that you can avoid to worsen this trend of looking whiter and more tired during the long cold winter months.


One thing you should do, especially if you have a light completion already is to avoid very pale lip colors. These will just make you look paler. On some people using brown eyeliner also does the same thing. It ages you and makes you look less youthful.


To brighten up your look wear very bright lipstick. Try for a true red, with a bit of an orange Moroccan warm tint to it.  Reddish hued eye shadows and eye pencils can also help warm up your look.


If you have blue or green eyes then help warm up your complexion by wearing eye shadows that also have a hint of blue or green in them. These colors really accent the colors of your irises and take attention away from pallid complexions.  If you have brown eyes than light lavenders and very light gold colors can help your skin look less pale and brighten up your entire eye area.  It is important to avoid neutral eye shadows with a nude, flesh or pale pink hue because they can actually make you look haggard.  Eyeliner that is a shade or two darker than your eye shadow might work better than dark black eyeliner, which can make you pallid as well. This is because the black eyeliner creates too much of a contrast between your skin and the black.


You also want to avoid using foundations with too much pink or grey in them. Both can make you look even whiter. Instead test foundations before you buy them and look for one that warms up your skin tone subtly.


A sure way to warm up your completion is apply blush. A light pink or coral tone is a nice idea because it is subtle and natural looking. A bit of bronze or a darker color applied to your cheek hollows can also give you a special glow.  You can also dust a bit on your chin, nose and forehead in order to give your skin a healthier, sun-kissed glow.


Finally, when it comes to your clothing, wear a little color. Stay away from whites, creams, camels and grey colors that can make you look even paler.

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