The Cool Snow Angel Make-Up Look

Do you want to look cool, smooth and fabulous this winter?  If so there are some make=up looks you might want to try out.


One look to try is being called The Snow Angel. This starts with a swipe of silver shadow over your eyes that give them a sublet shimmer. The icy sheen is reminiscent of glittering white hard snow.  The key to making this look good is to match the look to your skin tone. If you have fair skin keep the hue metallic. If you have a darker complexion then use silvery finishes with a bit of a tint of pink, blue or pale violet.


The Snow Angel  look works best if you use a very light foundation and a shimmery powder in a shade a bit lighter than your usual skin tone.  Keep the eyebrows thinner but not too thin as the idea is to look child like and not like a Disney villain. There is no need to look like Cruella de Ville. However no real Snow Angel has eyebrows that look like Frida Kahlo either.


Applying the shimmer to the eyelid is the trickiest part of mastering the Snow Angel look.  Be artful and age appropriate. If you are you with a hollow eyelid with a definite arch to the bone and a definite crease then you can put the silver eye shadow all across the lid and above, in the craters on either side of the nose and elsewhere. If you have hooded or mature lids you need to only do the actual lid. If you do the pouchy part you can look quite a bit more wrinkled and older than you are.  The more pearlescent the shadow is and the less thick and metallic, the better it will look on an older eye.


Finally coat your lashes with a generous amount of mascara. Make sure you lashes are curled. This helps balance the icy look.  Do not apply eyeliner unless it is a pearlescent white. The idea is to just let the spiky look of the lashes define your eye area.


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