Ways to make a Turtleneck Look Sexy

When it’s cold you want to wear a turtleneck. However a turtleneck is not always that sexy looking. There are ways of wearing it so that you feel a little more fashionable in it.


Turtlenecks have typically looked great with any kind of vest. They look best with shaggy knitted vests, suede vests and old leather vests. Even crocheted vests are predicted for being on trend when it comes opt how to wear vests this winter season.


If you want to look very “Andy Warhol” wear the turtleneck with a black or brown shorter cropped leather jacket.  Look for jewelry that is large and looks like a work of art and wear them over the turtlenecks.  Turtlenecks also look good with a single loop strand of jewelry, a heap of chains or loops of pearls.  You can also tie a scarf in a knot, sailor star and wear it just below the collar.


You can always slip on a lighter dress with short sleeves over a plain turtleneck.  White, black or neutral colored turtlenecks are best.  Turtlenecks look best with scooped or deep necklines. Shirtdress collars and mandarin collars can also look good if the material of the dress is heavier.  Corduroy, denim and twill dresses look best this way.  Jumper style dresses can also look good with a turtleneck as well especially if the turtleneck matches the jumper in color.


A turtleneck has always and will always look good with a tailored blazer.  The classic look is the blazer worn with a dangling pendant necklace, trousers and a pencil skirt for a smart and stylish look.


Do you want to look a little retro seventies and Swedish? Tuck the turtleneck into a flowing maxi skirt for a luxurious Swedish style look.  Also in style for this winter is a turtleneck worn with a slightly puffy chiffon skirt.  As this look is a bit funkier you can get away with colorful patterned stockings and a pair of UGGS.


For a dressier look combine your turtleneck with a sequined skirt in the same color. Wear it with strappy jewels, a very thin dangling necklace and a compact purse.  Another way of really dressing up the turtleneck is to take one huge broach and wear it slightly off center the collar. This makes the collar of the turtleneck look a bit like a choker.


Turtlenecks are looking fashionable when worn with a tuxedo style jacket and tuxedo pants. They also look good with military style wear.  To keep the look from looking too masculine augment it with shiny pumps and some gold or brass jewelry. This look is trending very nicely for winter 2013.

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