Winter Fashion Trends

Want to look like you are just taking a stroll off the fashion catwalks and into the streets this winter.  Here are some ideas for making your wardrobe look as updated as possible this season.


If there is one color that is making a big splash in the fashion scene this winter it is purple. Purple coats, tops, skirts and tights are all the rage. You will see purple lipsticks, lavender hair colors and grape colored nail polishes.  All hues are popular but the more red in the purple, the more fashionable it is.  Bright plum combined with blacks and reds will be a common theme.  Black with purple printed fabric is also a big theme.


Statement prints have been around for a while but this winter the suits to have will have wild psychedelic prints as both tops and bottoms. Expect to see retro seventies and sixties prints in colors like blue and white and red and black.  You will also see more printed pants than we have in the recent past. Expect to see pants with big floral and paisleys on them in the stores.  These look best worn with a large knit sweater for day and with a shiny blouse and belt at night.


Another trend that was very much in evidence for 2012 and will continue to be for 2012 is to wear your coat with a belt.  Wide belts are the most hip but for real style use one that is metallic looking and futuristic.


Most of the coats have a shape to them this year that has a tailor down to a thin waist and then a flare. The same is true of tops and dresses. The flare is very seventies with it starting at a quite high waist.


Over the top embellishment is part of the fashion trends. This includes beads, sequins, feathers, studs, sequins and other details that make your clothes look a bit more glamorous.


Yet another trend we will all be seeing a lot of his big glamorous necklaces that almost have a tribal look.  Chandelier earrings are back as are big earrings with beads or sequins in them and large chunky cocktail rings. It is all about dazzling everyone that you meet.


Bondage style clothing is also making a comeback.  Skirts, pants, dress and shoes have buckle detail on them. Look for bell sleeves, lots of zippers and short-cropped jacket styles.  Leather skirts paired with faded distressed loose T-shirts are also black. It is also back in fashion to wear several shades of distressed black at once rather than a pure intact hue.

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