Winter Fashion Helpers to Keep You Warm

There is a certain type of accessory for sale during the colder winter months that can only be described as winter fashion helpers. These are odd little things that can make your life a little bit warmer and also a little bit hotter in terms of sexiness.


One of the most useful fashion objects is the neck cowl. These come in all kinds of different materials and colors including wok, chiffon, silk and other styles.  Even a polyester chiffon neck cowl can be quite warm.  These cowls can be simply slipped over your neck and worn as like a scarf. You can also fit them over the ears so that they are more like earmuffs if it is really cold out.


If you have a lower cut top but you still want to wear it in the winter without getting cold you can get all kinds of dickeys.  There are many turtleneck dickies to keep your neck warm but you might also want to try wearing a lace turtleneck dickey or a crocheted lace dicky.  Big boucle neck cowls are also very attractive.    Turtlenecks come in all kinds of styles including a cross-over style and a ruffle edged style.


If you want to keep your feet toasty warm try wearing cotton foot socks and then top them with your regular tights or socks.  Leg warmers are also a nice option at this time of year. They fit very nicely over your tights or pants to give you a fashionable yet warm look.


Shawls can also keep the body quite warm and keep you looking stylish as well.  There is a version sold that is attached under the arms so that it seems like more of a very loose sweater. You can get this type of shawl in polar fleece for extra warmth and style.


When it comes to your hands you can now fit extra fingerless gloves over your regular ones.  These fingerless gloves are not just made of acrylic or wool. You can also get them made out of suede, leather, fur and ribbons.


Nowadays you can also buy more attractive cold weather masks. These look like hospital masks and kept the air that you breath warm and moist. This shields you from the unhealthy risks of inhaling frigid air.  As an added bonus wearing one of these can also help keep germs away from people standing next to you on the subway.

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